Teri Chah Mein has taken a new turn where we can’t seem to hold our excitement but at the same time it makes us wonder if Mehwish deserved something as awful as a blood cancer for all the blunders she  made. The news however, shatters Zara. Will she still avenge her brother? Or is she going to forgive Mehwish?

On the other hand Faisal and Ambreen are in that happy phase where the two are just content and waiting for their little bundle of joy to arrive soon! Unaware of Mehwish’s condition these love birds are having the time of their life.

Furthermore, Zara refuses to marry Faizan as according to her she can’t no  more torment her mother. Mehwish doesn’t even want to get any kind of treatment for herself, looks like all she wants to do is spend some quality time with her daughter.

With the bombardments of unexpected news, another one falls into Zara’s lap – a proposal for Tahir is put forward for her to which she reacts highly odd. We feel she told tie the knot with Tahir though according to her, he has always been like a brother.

Zara’s chachi wants her to be her ‘bahu’ and she thinks unlike. The overwhelming news is getting to her, but what do you think? Should Zara marry Tahir? Will Mehwish get better or Faisal ever realize the significance of the situation?  Faisal’s parents have disowned him and we wonder how will things get better for him.

To learn all the answers don’t forget to watch Teri Chah Mein only on ARY Digital on Wednesdays at 9.00 pm.


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