We all have this craving for tea at times we feel under the weather and want this drink so bad to drench our thirst and may simply lighten up the bad mood swing , no matter we are at work or at home alone or chilling out with your mates, teas has always been my best companion and I’m sure everyone out there would agree on the thought.  Some tea freaks would consider tea as a cup of life and this is no doubt a word on the street.  Many people suggests regarding the chronic headache remedy is to have a lemon and ginger tea , sometimes cinnamon tea, sometimes Chinese tea, I remember  one day i was travelling with my peeps  on a Sunday afternoon where the Sun beam was scorched and although i had my shades on but still the sunlight drove me impatient and instigated my crave for a tea as my headache became so intense,  the minute my car stopped at some tea shop the psychological effect  ran down my spine and the inner voice told me that yeah! I’ll be fine now… And the pain was all gone as I had one full cup of strong tea.

There is a major population of our country who are tea addicts and are so much indulge in the intake of this pretty little drink that propagates the calm in our vein. Tea has also a number of benefits that can help to lower the ratio of diseases.


  • Intake of tea may reduce the cardiac arrest and strokes.
  • It also helps in weight loss.
  • The intake of tea is also protective from cancer.
  • It also boosts the exercise endurance.
  • Tea keeps the body hydrated.
  • It can also lessen the negative impact of smoking cigarettes on daily basis.

It is said that the Chinese discovered the medicinal values of tea and has introduced this beverage as an ageless miracle. Tea also works as an agent to eradicate the depression and fatigue and is a great energizer .  There is no match of this drink with any of new methods to ease the issues that one has in its body.  The Sub-continent emphasis this beverage and brings tranquility , be it a wedding or a settlement after a small fight , an agreement signed or meeting new people in life.

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I know my mood saver is this wonderful drink and I’m sure my readers couldn’t less agree, so every tea lover out there ; Eat Tea ! Think Tea & Drink Tea, Cheers!!

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