Pakistani cinema has been revamped since a year back and we are experiencing houseful and awards winning films for our homemade productions. â€ËœTamannaâ€â„¢ is a British-Pakistani film distributed by Royal Palm Group t/a Summit Entertainment (pak) and ARY Films.

The movie is incorporated with the dark humor, passion and crime which is based on Anthony Shafferâ€â„¢s play, ‘Sleuth’. The hero of the movie is Rizwan Ahmed (Omair Rana), a struggling actor who meets Mian Tariq Ali (Salman Shahid), a leftover of the once booming film industry. The struggling actor is there to convince Ali to divorce his wife. A race of male power between the two men starts quite reasonably, playfully but eventually turns into anger and violent.

The interactions between the two men are similar to the play, the movie has given equal role to all, also to the second, younger wife, who is the character’s object of desire. The dialogues are in Urdu, and the scenario adapted in numerous ways relatable for Pakistani culture. The genre of the movie is drama, directed by a British director Steven Moore and produced by Pakistani producer Sarah Tareen. Omair Rana, Salman Shahid, Mehreen Raheel and Faryal Gohar are starring in the movie.

Before the release of the movie it won an award at the London Asian Film Festival for the first released song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Other songs included in the film are sung by Ali Azmat and Amanat Ali. The movie is produced by Concordia Productions and is all set to be released on 13th June 2014 in cinemas across Pakistan.

Don’t forget to watch ‘Tamanna’ at your nearest cinema which is releasing on 13th June 2014 nationwide.

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