Step mothers are generally rude to the step children and this is a natural phenomenon which cannot change and it has no reason. It is assumed that a step-mother cannot love another woman’s child as her own child or maybe there is another reason but nothing is assured. In ARY Digital Drama ‘Soteli’ Meekal lost his mother and his father Waleed gets married to Fariya.

Fariya being the step-mother is very harsh on Meekal and would torture the kid. Meekal was so upset that he started writing letters to him mother thinking that she would read them because no one is supporting Meekal neither his father. But when Waleed read all the letters he got to know Fariya’s reality and decided to divorce her. While he was planning to end the relationship with a divorce Fariya was expecting and it was not possible for the divorce to take place.

Fariya gave birth to a baby girl and the happy family named her Mishal. Meekal is very happy about his baby sister but Fariya is not letting him play with the child. Meekal’s exams are near and Fariya assigned a tutor for Meekal but it is her strategy to get a bad tutor will lead to Meekal’s bad grades. Waleed told Meekal to get good grades or else he will be sent back to boarding school and that is what Fariya wants. Fariya never loved Meekal and is manipulating Waleed in a new way of plotting situation naturally so that Waleed would eventually get distant from Meekal.

The entire family plans for a picnic but Waleed himself said that let Meekal go to Nyle’s place as he didn’t want to take Meekal along. Saleem who is care taker of the house tells Meekal about and he is fine with it. Waleed was advised by his sister to be give time to Meekal has he needs it but Waleed is saying that Meekal might be doing all this on purpose to gain attention.

Waleed’s sister thinks that Fariya is worrying Mekal again but Fariya claerly denied to it. Meekal failed in his exams and the principal said that they cannot keep Meekal back. Meekal is generally disturbed and this is taking him nowhere, if you have missed any of the epsidoes watch them here.

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