Review Episode 26

Second last episode of Shukk was fantastic and really worthwhile. I am stunned that Sehrish is helping her co-wife  Sania in spectacular ways.Sania was feeling guilty in the  entire episode. Sehrish and Sania become friends and showing empathy towards each other. Sania had  advised Sehrish that don’t let Ehtesham to come in my room as she is clearing path for Sehrish and Ethasiam by continuously ignoring him. Sehrish went to clean up the room of Sania’s when they came back from the hospital.(The co-wives are now  friends)


Little Roomi is playing a remarkable  role. Ehtesham wants to spend quality time with Sania on a serious note. Sehrish continues to stay with Sania all time in this installment. Roomi said he will take Sehrish into the lawn in this way you(Ehtesham) and mama can spend some time together. Wow little angel. Very well done.


Dialogue of the day. Oh my God this was hilarious.

“Wo bechari boht achi hai,tum bechari bhi bhot achi ho bus aik main hi zalim hon jis nay aik saat do becharion say shadi ki hui hay”


Ehtesham: Ajj khana hum garam karygay.

Roomi: Jo girls hain who kiun nai garam kar rai

Ehtesham: Kabi kabi girls ki bhi chute honi chaia boys ki bhi tau hoti ha Saturday and Sunday ko

Roomi innocently told Sehrish that Baba Loves mama , he wants to spend quality time with her.This is the reason why I asked you to come in the  lawn.

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