When you know your strengths but they tell you, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that” and these comments can throttle your chances to rise. We all practically face such notions and concepts that has manipulated the society and is suffocating our women to extreme. So what are your strengths? You can be a dancer, a teacher, devoted wife or a loving mother it was embedded already in your nervous system to work extra mile and be a multi-tasked. Can we survive in this men oriented society? Do we need to seek our individuality? Well, for the love of God, just once try to come out from your shells and break the bondage of traditions ,customs and rituals that are meant to create a weak society. So to know your identity , we must explore the feature of truth within ourselves. Can we be renown and existed? It happens when a woman knows how to make a use out of her traits and to acknowledge your own strengths, Trust me , you got to start allowing yourself to comprehend a better tomorrow for yourself.

Let’s see what our Pakistani influential celebrities has to say on this special event.

Here is what Maria Wasti endure us with her special message on Woman’s Day,
“To transcend the terms of woman and man we need to rise above and eradicate the notion of gender difference. The world cannot function without woman. It’s an accepted reality that only those things can be affected on one’s existence whom you empower to be affected, be it a negativity or any complexity. If every woman out there just dump these emotions they will lead more powerful and strong life. I know each of us have the power to overcome the pains, try to unleash your potentials and recognize yourself as individuals and as human beings, When you rediscover so many different things then only you can rediscover what your passions are. Follow your passion and excel your motives. Remember an empower woman can bear empower offspring.”

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While talking to Mehwish Hayat , she spins the world with her inspiring message on Woman’s Day,
She quotes one of the most influential entertainer Marilyn Monroe’s words as; “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition”. 

On this international woman’s day let’s make sure that we are not just defined by our gender. We are equal in each and every way. it is up to us to stand up for our rights and demand what is rightfully ours. i urge the girls of Pakistan to dream big and to reach for the stars. be the best in whatever you do. let’s show the world what we can achieve.”

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With a conversation with Atiqa Odho , here is what she has expressed her feelings to all the women out there in the world, 
“International women’s day is a special day for women of all countries, religion, cultures as there is no discrimination of any kind. This day celebrates us being strong and empowered women. our life challenges are acknowledged and our successes are celebrated. I wish all my sisters in the world a very big happy woman’s day.”-

Here is what Maria Memon has to say about this special event,
“An unseen and seemingly unbreachable glass ceiling has kept the women below their potential and talent since long. This day reminds us to hit this ceiling again and again no matter how tough the barrier is. That is the only way forward”

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The day is being celebrated with flying colours all around the globe, some of the below tweets can make you rejoice with the thought of being appreciated and proud to be a WOMAN.

So embrace your supremacy and indulge whatever you do, Cause woman has brains to think and acknowledge her powers 🙂

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