Previously we saw Heer and Jamal getting married in the court after which Qaiser took Heer to her house without the consent of his father. Jamal kept on looking for her but to no avail. Later he was arrested by the Police on Heer’s father call.

Everyone greeted Heer at Qaiser’s house where at the dinner table Heer and Qaiser had bit of a rough conversation. The next morning Amma jee asks her to wear their traditional bride’s outfit to which Heer hesitated but, however, wore it later on. Amma Jee on seeing Heer asked Qaiser to make the arrangements for Nikkah there and then but Heer refused and walks away. Later Rabia informs Heer that even Shahmir was not ready for the Nikkah at that moment.

Heer comes back home, where Qaiser warns Shafi to make Heer understand that she’s theirs. Heer after coming home charged her phone as it was with Qaiser and she didn’t see any of Jamal’s messages. She got all of them together and tried calling Jamal but his phone was switched off.

The policeman released Jamal and tore his marriage papers, upset Jamal after leaving the police station met with an accident and landed into a hospital. Heer tried finding Jamal but didn’t get any lead to him. Heer later met her friend, Mishal and spoke about Jamal being missing.

The episode ended with Shahmir’s entry into the drama for the first time where he comes and meet Amma jee. On the other hand, Heer warns her parents that if they force her to marry Shahmir she will commit suicide. Listening to this, Shafi gets upset.

Will Heer agree to marry Shahmir, Will Jamal meet her again ?

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