Another episode of Waada shows how witty Jaana is and what tricks and tactics she can use to trap Shahab, she has finally confessed her so called love to him and now the gold digger demands a positive answer. Jaana is a pure evil and her awful character forced Shahab to question his act of kindness of bringing her back to the house.

Now that Jaana faked her suicide, it instantly made Shahab think twice about his decision of refusing her love. The mother daughter are plotting against him and he has no other way out of this situation, looks like he’s in for some major conspiracy.

The entire house is worried sick about how Shahab is caught up in the hospital believing that one of his close friends is suffering. Shahab made excuses at home so no one would doubt him. Finally after the constant arguments and the fear of losing Jaana, Shahab agrees to marry her.

The man not once thought about his wife and little girl, and married Jaana! A maid who’s now the owner of his house, is that even for real? Jaan wins, her evil plot and hard work finally paid off and Shahab is now wrapped around her fingers. Waada now has picked up a pace and now we all look forward on how the turn of events unravel the story.

How will Sumera react once she finds out about Shahab’s marriage? Their bundle of joy is on its way, and its certain that their relationship is going to hit rock bottom. Find out more in the next episode of Waada only on ARY Digital on Wednesday at 8.00 pm.


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