If you didn’t get a chance to watch Adnan Sarwar’s highly successful movie Shah on the big screens than here is your opportunity to watch it right at your home on television.

The movie Shah will be airing today at 9 pm PST on ARY Digital. Shah is based on the real life story of Hussain Shah, a homeless child from the run down district of Lyari to becoming one of Asia’s best boxers and going down in Pakistan’s history as its only boxer to win an Olympic metal.

Unfortunately, the real life Hussain Shah was largely forgotten in the country following the end of his career. With the release of the film, perhaps Shah’s name again regained its deserving fame.

Despite its limited budget, the film was globally acclaimed by the critics for its brilliantly written script and acting.

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The film certainly packs a punch as hard as the real-life boxing legend did himself. High on patriotism zeal and packed full of melodrama, the film is sure to a worthy piece of entertainment for anyone watching.

ARY Films is the official media partner of the movie and the cast includes Adnan Sarwar, Gulab Chandio, Kiran Chaudhry, Miraal Sara, Sardar Baloch, Faiz Chohan, Adeel Raees and others.

Watch the Thrilling Trailer.

Shah will certainly make your weekend more enjoyable.

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