The legendary golden screen actress Madam Shabnam visited Karachi, recently to attend the Literature Festival received immense amount of love and support from her followers as her fan following is still on peak as she used to rule the film industry back in 70s. This beauty is evergreen and we cannot deny the fact that she has performed amazing works and has made the history of Pakistani film industry proud.

Shabnam has been a potential actress and a major star crush of every young boy and girl, with her pioneer sense of dressing up made a trending amongst ladies of all age. The beautiful actress revealed how much she would love to make a comeback in movies in a session with Bushra Ansari,as the love and support she got in her recent visit overwhelmed her to the core.

Furthermore, Pakistani cinema is growing in rapids and this addition would be a marvelous display of the beautiful ,and our cult-fave beauty making the cinema house on lit once again. Definitely we would love to see her on screen after years and years of healthy contribution to the industry with her genuine and incomparable work of art.

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