Shah Rukh Khan and Shaan

Shah Rukh Khan and Shaan

Pakistan and India has always been in the war state and never put their hands forward for friendship, if they did, that was also just for the sake of it. Pakistani cinema has revived again after lots of effort but they are still not up to the mark, they show terrorism, darkness and negative aspects in the movie which are not appealing to the audiences.

If we compare the Pakistani cinema to Bollywood it is more glamorous, experienced and know what they are doing. When we see the latest releases like ‘Waar’ ‘Operation 021’ and even the so-called hit ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ don’t you think they all have glimpses of Political factors in it. Yes they do, this is what every Pakistani is seeing and it is not even close to entertainment. Therefore there was one song ‘Billi’ in ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ which actually made a difference and had a factor of entertainment for the viewers.

With the rest of the releases in Pakistan which are the Bollywood and Hollywood movies they tend to gather more audiences towards it and the viewers like it more. For example the latest release of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ we see that it was a complete entertainment package for the viewers on the special occasion of Diwali whereas on Eid we get to see ‘Operation 021’ which is a dark movie and would make you depressed. It only showed firing, fighting and all that would make a viewer get uncomfortable.

Happy New Year

The audiences want to get happy when they watch a movie and Shaan failed to deliver it for his audiences. His ‘Operation 021’ was a complete flop and he is reluctant about it. Looking at ‘Happy New Year’ success Shaan wants Shah Rukh Khan to make movies in Pakistan and that will be the proper way to revive the cinemas because the efforts that they make are important but it’s high time to take huge steps. Glamour is an important part of the films which our productions miss on, for example we can talk about ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ it is doing better than any other live show in Pakistan why, because they have the glamour factor it.

They have their interesting games but Fahad Mustafa often invites celebrities to the show so that people get excited and enjoy it. ‘Happy New Year’ was also the same way it shows respect for India to its core while we are only showing the negativity. It has glamorous songs and the clothes which all add to the oomph factor. Whether it is their songs or the environment it was very pleasant to watch. Actor Shaan Shahid has invited Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to make a film in Pakistan, and become a global ambassador for art without boundaries.

Whatever script Pakistan had they were making art films like ‘Bol’ ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ which were a tremendous hit and the people liked. Although they based on realities of our life yet the viewers accepted it. Shaan who has made his name in the Pakistani film industry is trying to leave a mark so that the cinema is in a running condition and he is ready to do anything for it.

Shaan wants SRK to make film in Pakistan and we hope that this initiate comes true which will be good for both India and Pakistan and we would hopefully produce better movies.

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