On the bases of lies and secret a relationship should not be created and if it does the relationship won’t last for long. ‘Nazdikiyaan’ is a story about exchange marriage (Watta Satta) which is highly common in Pakistani society which involves simultaneous marriages of a brother-sister pair from two households. Nudrat and Faiq are siblings who got married to two siblings from another family Saima and Adin.

The upbringing of a family matters a lot and this reflect in the children, Saima and Adin are very innocent and sweet like their mother but Nudrat and Faiq are devious. They would smartly insult their spouse and would do anything to get their work done and clear their way. Saima is stuck in a family that is pressurizing her on anything possible from wasting water to lying around. Whereas she came to know about Faiq’s first marriage but she promised not to tell anyone.

Faiq thinks that it is his pressure that made Saima keep quite but actually it was her understanding nature that made her cope up with it. Everyone has a past and so did Nudrat, her old love Mujahid is back in town and is continuously looking for her. Nadia warned Nudrat not to visit her house as he is waiting for her but due to Nudrat’s mother-in-law and Adin’s pressure she goes back home for a visit.

On her way back she meets Mujahid and this puts Adin in doubts, well Nudrat is really smart and doesn’t leave any clues behind. She goes to meet Mujahid and tells him to get away from her life but he asks for a ransom amount of 4 lacs and Nudrat very confidently says that she will arrange for it.

Nudrat asked for 2 lacs from her mother-in-law 1 lac from her husband and would definitely make up an emotional scene and ask for a lac from her mother. Nudrat thought that this secret of hers wont be out but the driver spoke it out to the mother-in- law. Well that is to find out in the next episode of ‘Nazdikiyaan’ every Thursday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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