Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad

Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad

Love, hatred and sacrifice go hand in hand and when a man entangles himself between two women that is the time when life gets difficult. Sharing of love and attention is mere impossible, specially when relationships are kept secret. Absence of trust makes relations distance apart. Ahmer from ‘Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad’ is happily married to Rania but he falls in love with Jiya and due to an accident Jiya passes away.

Ahmer takes the responsibility of her son and after a few years of the death he comes back to Ahmer. Ahmer is completely confused between his two children and Rania with having Jiya’s memories and her son on the other side. Ahmer Hussain finds it difficult to maintain a balance between responsibility and love. He has to give equal time to both the families which he cannot handle; he introduced the child to the family after the innocent kid leaves the boarding school. Ahmer tried to keep the secret from Rania but eventually it got unveiled.

Rania gets hold of the pictures of Ahmer and Jiya together which really upsets her and on Rania asking Ahmer for an explanation he was speechless. Rania is really upset and cannot accept this fact and dose not know what to do next.

Do you think what should Rania do now?

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