Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8

The second week of ‘Bigg Boss 8’ has proven to be much more entertaining and full of action. May be they were reminded by bigg boss himself that they are not here for friendships but for mirch masala which can only be provided by juicy gossips and ugly fights.

Karishma Tanna has proved to be the fight queen. Someone very wisely said, she is a good looking Dolly Bindra. She becomes very aggressive while doing tasks. In last week’s task, she did some pathetic job of rubbing red chilies into Natasha’s face. It looked like she was taking out her frustration (very rightly pointed out by Salman Khan). Then when she was doing the same with Gautam, the drama king could not bear it and he screamed and abused her and then begged forgiveness the whole week. But the drama queen could not let go of this opportunity to create drama and get footage. She wanted him to be disqualified from the game show itself.

Salman Khan was truly nasty last year with his partiality towards Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli but this year as apparently he does not have such close relationships with any contestants, he is speaking our hearts out. He gave proper reality check to Karishma and he also invited his last year’s puppets Andy and Kamya, who took out all their frustration on Karishma thinking she is Gauahar (a bit too much eh?)


Kamya asked Gautam to show his body as much as he can. Where were you Ms Kamya when last year Tanisha created a big drama when Ajaz Khan removed his shorts in the bathroom area?

They also showed the mirror to Puneet Issar, who is trying his level best to be in good books of everyone. You surely can’t please everyone; he sympathized with Karishma the whole week and then nominated her at the end. Same he did with Minissha, he calls her his daughter and nominated her because he thinks she is double faced and cheats a lot. Sukiriti became the first proper evicted contestant of the house. She had problems with Gautam (they are co-actors and apparently have problems since last three years) and was trying to have a love triangle with Upen and Arya.

Sonali reentered the house last week and none of the girls were happy with her return. She tried to make romantic pair with Gautam but apparently this week bigg boss gave the house a task in which Sonali and Upen are a couple, who knows they try and be a couple for the rest of the season to survive? As Sukirti has left the house, on the other hand Upen and Sonali both need a reason to stay and increase the TRP.

Minissha Lamba after realizing that Salman is bashing Karishma, has been talking against her lately. She also accused Arya Babbar for contacting her before the start of the season to make a fake pair. She told Deepshika in a conversation that she clearly told Arya that she has a boyfriend and can’t afford fake romance in bigg boss house. On the other hand, after listening to all this, Arya Babbar’s PR manager Dale Bhagwegar has condemned Minissha for saying all that and has claimed that it was Minissha was the one who tried to contact Arya before the season.


Arya apparently did not speak to her as his manager told him bigg boss contestants are not supposed to talk to each other before the show. Dale has said that when Arya comes back from bigg boss house, he will show his phone records to media. Minissha also condemned Arya for insulting Sonali (I agree completely with Minissha here). Arya is clearly jealous of Gautam for first making pair with Diandra and then Sonali.

My favorite contestant till now is Pritam, as he speaks whatever he thinks is correct and is the only contestant who took Gautam’s side when the entire house was against him. But very unfortunately, I got to know that Pritam’s favorite past ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant is Arman Kohli….Sigh!

Bigg Boss 8

An interesting character is Praneet. I could not believe seeing his picture with mustache and beard. He looks so handsome clean shaved. 🙂

Let’s see what this week is going to be like. Five contestants are up for elimination, including Sonali, Arya, Deepshika, Pritam and Gautam of course. Who do u think will leave? My bet is on Sonali. 🙂

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