Haq Meher

Haq Meher

Love has no conditions between two lovers but the family members tend not to understand it. ‘Haq Meher’ is a story about of an ideal couple who are madly in love with each other but the dilemmas start when the families set their terms and conditions according to their own beliefs about haq meher.

The lovers get their Nikkah done but then the haq meher comes in the middles where the elders in the family created a lot of problems for it. The amount for haq meher is very high and the boy’s family couldn’t afford it. With lots of difficulties the haq meher was given but then the amount got robbed, and along with this Shariq’s family members gave a tough time to Hira.

Hira has no other option than to leave her in-laws and come back to her own house but then Sarwat unveiled the truth.  It is said that haq meher is a social security for a woman but it is not that much of a trouble which the family members created for Hira and Shariq. Well in the end after lots of tolerance Sarwat spoke the truth about her mother who has been the root for all the troubles who made situations difficult between both the families. After the truth Shariq went to pick Hira from her house and this made Hira very happy.

Both the lovers spoke about the differences between them and decided that relatives like Sultana should not be able to create hurdles in their lives. This is the lesson for all the couples to have trust in one another rather than listening to other people and spoiling their own relations. Watch all the episodes of ‘Haq Meher’ here.

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