Khudgarz begins on a happy note where Hassan’s (Sami Khan) family is shown preparing for his marriage with Ayera( Aamina Sheikh). Hassan is a very irresponsible son who is not at all interested in his wedding preparations whereas his cousin Junaid ( Jibran Nasir)  who has been adopted by Hassan’s parents after his parent’s death, is shown catering to all the wedding preparations. Junaid has been shown as a calm person with a very optimistic approach towards life.

Junaid likes his classmate Rabia (Ray Poppins) from his university days. On the day of their convocation Junaid proposes Rabia.

Hassan is secretly married to Abeer (Mansha Pasha). Abeer works at an organization where one of her colleagues is shown to have interest in her without knowing that she is already married. Hassan always insults Abeer and always keeps a rude attitude towards her.

 Hassan informs Abeer about his marriage which Abeer refuses to accept and threatens to commit suicide. Hassan on the day of his marriage rushes to meet Abeer. Hassan on his way to Abeer’s house texts his dad that he cannot marry Ayera.

Abeer feels so disheartened that she hurts herself. Raheel who happens to be Abeer’s neighbour and collegue reaches to rescue her after hearing the noises. At this point in time Hassan reaches Abeer’s house and misunderstands the situation.  Hassan gets angry seeing them together and insults abeer.

Ayera is a psychologist with a very kind heart who likes helping everyone. She is getting married to Hassan in an arranged marriage setup.

When Hassan doesn’t reach the marriage hall, his father requests Junaid to marry Ayera to save their family honour.   Hassan reaches hall and finds out that Ayera and Junaid are now married.

Rabia also witnesses the situation and leaves the marriage hall. Junaid tries to justify himself  but all his struggles goes in vain.

Will Junaid be able to forget Rabia? What will be Hassan’s next step? Will he disclose his marriage with Abeer or try creating problems for Ayera? All these questions will be unfolded with the coming episodes of “Khudgarz” every Tuesday at 8:00 PM on ARY digital.

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