Love is not in ones hand and only the lucky ones are able to get their love, but the people around cannot see anyone happy. ‘Khata’ is a story about two young lovers who eloped due to the fear of their parents and got married without the consent of the parents but they accepted it.

After the acceptance of parents the in-laws gave each other a difficult time but the spouse kept supporting each other. Rumi’s mother for a long time tried that this relationship would break and eventually this happened when Rumi’s sister wanted him to marry Esha so that she could easily live her life with the man of her choice. With lots of difficulties Rumi agreed to get married and this was for his sister’s sake, the Nikkah takes place and since the time the Nikkah took place Esha started showing her true colors. She is a proud and arrogant person but no one knew it until the next day of the marriage.

Rumi is still in love with Rabia and he is not aware that Rabia is pregnant and she saw Rumi with another girl dressed which indicated that they got married and she couldn’t accept it. She went back home and fainted which lead her to admit in the hospital and she is not healthy enough due to the stress and all. The doctor and Rabia’s father is continuously asking about Rumi but the mother is keeping it a secret. In pressure of his mother Rumi even filed for divorce but deep inside his heart is he not happy about it.

Both the youngsters’ love each other but the situation is not letting them get together the biggest hurdles is the parents. Let’s see watch happens with this couple, watch ‘Khata’ every Wednesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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