To let go the one you love and seeing the person marry someone else while you standing strong can only be done by a very brave person. In ‘Nazdikiyaan’ till now we see that Adin and Rubaisha love each other but due to family pressure Adin had to marry Nudrat because of Saima who got married to Faiq who is Nudrat’s brother. The exchange marriage (Watta Satta) took place which did not happen by the couple’s own will, it was all a big compromise and this is affecting the relationships.

Rubaisha’s parents also made her marry Rameez who was also not of her choice, but yet she got married. Nudrat is continuously having doubts on Adin and this made him raise his hand on Nudrat. Saima is having a tough time with her in-laws and her husband is giving more importance to Raheel who is his child from the first wife, it is also said that Saima is also expecting.

Rubaisha discovered that Rameez is on drugs and this is not accepted while she spoke to her mother and she said to forget Adin and accept Rameez. Rubaisha was getting ready she saw him taking drugs and this upset her, he got restless and due to fear she called Adin. When Rameez saw Adin there he got really angry and spoke the truth out which he shouldn’t have.

Due to all the anger, drugs and seeing Adin there he divorced Rubaisha without thinking twice, he threw her on the floor and the pain made Adin take her to the hospital. Watch ‘Nazdikiyaan’ every Thursday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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