The great loss of Roshani was so unbearable that it shook the entire family to the jolt one after the another, the aftermath of what Tania did to the damages was shockingly disastrous. Laali’s divorce and Saifi’s reluctant behavior was the mess. Now Roshani was planning to visit Karachi with Talal but the circumstances were changed when Roshani’s Dad got a heart condition which took his life and left everyone sob in utmost situation.

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Tania’s gut is engulfing in regret and she is actually feeling sorry for the loss of her brother this was all because of her that one family was torn apart , Tania’s mother and her sister are drawing another plan for Saifi’s life and Tania’s sister is trying to get her sister in-law hooked with Saifi so that soon he could forget Laali as he is in distress and is not able to cope with life all by his own, there was an emptiness that he was facing.

Roshani is now left alone with her grandmother and Talal is actually feeling for her the loss she is bearing and her issues which were sensitive. The whole family is going through a tough situation and is under the weather currently, Laali’s sorrows were huge and was unmanageable though.


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Has this great loss made Roshani alone to the extreme?
Will Talal’s affection towards Roshani console her?
Will Saifi ever fix his life without Laali’s existence?

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