Rasm-e-Duniya - ARY Digital Exclusive Drama



Love makes one do crazy things and eventually the fire can engulf the proposition of a happy ending life. Linking the statement ARY Digital presents another brand new drama serial “Rasm-e-Duniya”

The summary of the serial is very unique as its a tale of 2 brothers Harib & Faris who fell in love with the same girl Haya, however the family ties are effected gruesomely that builds miles of distant relationships. Haya loves Faris (vice versa) but Harib has his eyes over Haya and forcefully marries her. The play will also reveal the hidden truth about Musarat & Tabrez who happens to be in love once and the story could not go further, but the agony Musarat holds for her failure past will be avenged and thus the commotion begins.

This mesmerizing  drama is a combination of betrayal, rebound connection, love and paranoid affection that takes a journey to menace.

Writer:  Imran Nazir

Director: Roomi Insha

Cast :

  • Sami Khan as Harib
  • Armeena Khan as Haya
  • Bilal Abbas as Faris
  • Javed Sheikh as Tabrez
  • Samina Peerzada as Musarat
  • Erum Azam as Haya

Timing :
This drama is over but you can watch all the episodes here.

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