Minute Maid Pulpy has been rebranded into Rani Pulpy for the summer of 2015. Coca Cola company acquired half of equity of Aujan Industries’ beverage business in December 2011.

Through a mix of sheer marketing genius and creative innovation, this acquisition was announced via a TVC that banked on the ‘Tabdeeli’ slogan. The slogan is a common one in Pakistan these days, owing to the demand for a reformed structural change in the country’s political, administrative system. Cleverly utilized, this slogan is placed on TV screens as breaking news, also to highlight the fact that it is an announcement. The reason ‘Tabdeeli’ or the slogan of change has been picked to announce this launch is due to the fact that it is resonates with the popular sentiments of Pakistani people. Throughout the year, change is what everyone talks about and lends an attentive ear to. Hence, the announcement of Minute Maid Pulpy undergoing a change or revamp in the form of Rani Pulpy has been accompanied with the slogan of change. It caters to both pivotal aspects of human interests; humor and the desire for change.

Rani enjoys the status of being one of the most favored drinks in the Middle East. It is also the flagship brand of Aujan Industries. Owing to to its stellar quality and rich, exotic taste, Rani has registered a tremendous growth in sales at Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other export markets.

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