QMobile’s latest television commercial (TVC) of X30 is a fresh breath of air as it refrains from showing dances or jingles that divert the viewer’s attention from the actual message. The TVC shows a traveller, played by actor Fahad Mustafa, standing at the side of the road, carrying his bag pack and using QMobile’s X30 while waiting for a ride. He is seen hopping on a bus, sitting on the roof and mingling with other passengers, who are also intrigued to know more about his X30.

The message of the TVC is clear, that just the way the main character of the TVC is friendly and has a habit of making new friends, akin to that the X30 is easy-to-use and brings smiles on its users’ face. This is because of the features that the smartphone has, including a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processor, a 4.4 KitKat operating system, 3G, a 4-inch big display, and an affordable price of Rs. 6,900. All viewers can relate themselves with the TVC for the X30 is a handset for the common man for it is a touch screen smartphone having all features, yet is affordable, hence becoming easy on the pockets of all social strata.

Another feature which the TVC highlights is that X30 is user friendly and has all the necessary apps that a user needs to use or when in need to view content over the internet. Moreover, the TVC shows that users can take selfies on the go and remain updated with all news and information through the handset’s 3G feature.

Furthermore, through the TVC of X30, QMobile has portrayed the beauty of Pakistan as Fahad tours across Pakistan while using Google Maps on his X30 to find the right route, takes images of Pakistan’s historic locations from X30’s high quality camera and shares it instantly over Instagram while using the handset’s 3G feature. The TVC showcases all the features of X30 whereby providing details to all its functionality aspects. The TVC which runs for one-minute shows all of X30’s main features which pertain to the handsets’ crystal clear display, smooth body, a glistering exterior, and a design that looks good on any hand.

The commercial is shot while keeping the production value in mind. All scenes are shot after carefully taking into consideration factors that make a good TVC great. The camera used to shoot the TVC retains all the vibrant colors of nature and in detail shows the beautiful exterior and the screen of X30. Moreover, taking close up shots of the handset, along with long and aerial shots, keeps the viewer’s attention on the TVC. Furthermore, the melodious jingle is rendered in Urdu, which adds value to the message being conveyed. Developing the jingle in Urdu also signifies that QMobile has targeted the masses of Pakistan. With X30’s TVC, QMobile has emphasized a simple yet effective way to highlight the smartphone’s features, which will facilitate viewers in having a high brand recall for the brand.

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