QMobile is manufacturing high quality handsets that range from bar phones, touch screen handsets and tablets, which have effectively been meeting consumer’s demands. Moreover, QMobile’s continuous research and development has been able to make the company understand consumer’s psychological needs. While keeping consumer’s demands as a top priority, QMobile recently launched the sleek designed X30, which is yet another milestone for the company that has been taking over Pakistan’s smartphone market and is currently leading the market with more than 50% share.

QMobile’s X30 is unique for it has a number of pre-installed apps for the user’s convenience including Saavn app to listen to streaming music and Instagram, so they can upload all of their favorite pictures which they take from X30’s high quality camera. X30 provides users to run videos on its pre-installed Dailymotion app so they can watch their favorite videos on a screen that shows all images and videos with clarity.

While following the tradition of manufacturing large screen smartphones, X30 also touches the mark of quality as it is equipped with a 4-inch big display. Moreover, a 1.3 Ghz Dual Core Processor runs inside the delicate yet sturdy looking X30, providing the strength it needs to activate and manage all applications including Facebook, Whatsapp, and 3D games which the users can play with ease. Furthermore, the 4.4 KitKat operating system adds power to the functionality of the X30.

This is for the first time that QMobile’s smartphone has taken user’s health into consideration as a number of fitness apps are pre-installed in the handset that users can use while working out. This is certainly a step forward as QMobile X30 has become one with the consumer’s life.

Users can use X30 to take pictures, make and view videos, connect with their friends and family on social media, play games, and read all the latest news. Using X30’s 3G feature, users can view and read all content on a big display that makes X30 appealing to use. The scrolling functionality of the X30 is another attribute that makes it stand out and ahead of its competition. With just a flick of your finger or thumb you can scroll through the content where the scrolling speed is neither too fast nor is interrupted by any glitches, giving users a swift browsing experience. Moreover, the curvy design of the X30 is easy on the hands while accessing all applications with the press of your thumb. It is interesting to note that QMobile is providing all these features in X30 for only Rs. 6,900.

X30 is a result of QMobile’s continuous product development and pursuing a strategy to always providing the utmost satisfaction to their clients. This is the reason why QMobile has attained the top position in the consumers mind and has become the largest smartphone selling company in Pakistan.

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