We have this massive judgmental prone society when we urge to comment on somebody’s attire or even the style of makeup , but have we ever realized that it is an utter bully-ism to the person that is being hunt down? So we call it a cultural claim or a social norm when dark lipstick or too much kajal is barred and requires total abstinence unless a girl gets married. If we discuss this factor at work then mostly the HR rules and conduct report emphasis for their females employees not to wear dark lipstick and should wear a subtle look in order make male employees focused. When I got to know this conduct it just hit me like a punch and it was “Are you serious”? kind of thing ran in my mind. So it is basically a barrier for females only to dress up precisely in such a manner that if a dark lipstick is worn then it can be alarming to move in a society. So it exasperates me to tell everyone of the dark lipstick and bold kajal we wear , A wrong notion that has become the brain child of radical masses and beliefs of old ages females . Lets say our naniyan and daddiyan and even other relatives at home who tend to drive the brains of young females in their families that influence their adolescence to the extreme and erode the confidence level aswell.


Do we wear makeup to attract somebody? or Is it a way to socialize one’s self? What do you suggest? maybe to hide away the flaws or maybe to fit in the circle of conventional friends. It agonize me if someone tells you the kind of makeup will suit you or tell you not to wear such colours of lipstick or heavy masccara. Many of the women wear these vibrant eye catchy colours to attract their men and others wear it because it was the trend code and you were told wear it but does it really hides the wounds you carry on your face? It brings in my knowledge that women are actually fighting to be placed as an individual, setting aside their own individuality women did not register themselves as a living beings but were more of a puppet in their men’s hands , you may call it gairat but I call it a sheer arrogance level.


So in 17th and 18th century makeup stage was considered for the theater actresses only to cue their features among public, however an ordinary woman was so barred to wear such intense makeup , even the Duchess of Argyll used to wear natural makeup without an idea of a dark lipstick because of the limitations and fear to be judged amongst men.


The old era has defined its peak when women actually hurt themselves to be friends with poisonous elements like lead oxide , hydroxide and other chemicals mixed with moisturizers to look good for their men or else their chances of losing them of not being attractive. So do we have our own identities as a woman? or we are chasing pavements to please these men and being judged by the society when you are running as solo. The immense amount of transgender society wears makeup as their job to earn some livelihood so there is a diversity of 2 different dimension to see makeup as a beauty enhancer theme for women and transgender. If we gather to raise our voice against the trap and other barriers countries has elevated of how women needs to dress then chances may approve with the pointing fingers of the amount of highlighter we have put and how glamorously we doll ourselves. Another surreal judgmental verdict is that how these TVC are portraying the importance of owning a beautiful face with immensely fair olive complexion. Are you serious?? because to me it doesn’t matter of whatever your skin tone is everyone is made on the mirage of God so why to be more psycho over a fair complexion because they tell how miserable life is without having a rishta of a cute guy and if you have a dark complexion no one will ever love you.


The irony may sustain its capability to captivate the masses and drive their minds to another level, but I want my ladies to raise hands and say Yes my face is a canvas and may be colored with all paints I enjoy.

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