“Mirror,mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?”, and yeah ofcourse, the mirror throws reflection. Either to tell a lie or to confront the truth, these days seeking and enhancing beauty tricks are kept not anyone but the plastic surgeons . The cosmetologists has made it easier for the trends to be more artificially beautiful and can correct your unwanted organ, be it your nose or flat brow line or thin lips.

Some of our Pakistani celebrities has opted for one to enhance their beauty by actually going under the knife and get botched to be the candy of everyone’s eyes, but apparently not everyone was able to win it, So we decided to hunt down some of the celebrities buffed looks.

Sadia Imam: The queen of expressions, has gone under the knife and by looking at her recent pictures it is clear that the actress decided to bring some changes in her features.


Nadia Hussain:  Model and beauty expert decided to work on her pout more than anything , so now we have observed her entire facial expressions changed., so Okayyy we got it!


Sarah Lauren:  And the ex Mona Lisa gained alot of popularity ever since she got botched, She has focused for some massive lips. And my lips are sealed :/


Fiza Ali:  She is the jack of all trades but maybe going under the knife was not a good idea!


Sidra Batool: So maybe she likes it, but the previous features showed expressions to her face. Good Luck!


Mehwish Hayat: we saw the massive change in her features, the girl with half lips own fuller mouth and the thick brows has utterly changed her looks.


Mishi Khan: Miss Khan took a bold step and did so much change in her, first she lose weight and then decided to go under the knife several times for different facial amendments.


Ayesha Khan: We can tell by looking at the suffocated smile , and thick brows literally happens to Ayesha.


Sonya Hussain:  Opps the lip injection really happened to her.


Round of Applause for beauty cheats, but ouch it hurts!!

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