A female and a mother is the one who up brings a family and everything works according to her will. Everything in life depends on upbringing and a mother is usually the foundation that a home is built upon. ‘Parvarish’ is a new drama on ARY Digital that depicts the story under the same line where the mother has the hold over the family and her children become the victims of her erroneous upbringing.

Rafay is the favorite child of the family and he has reached to the age where his parents want him to get married. Both the parents are trying their best to get Rafay married to the girl of their choice. Ibrahim who is the father wants Rafay to get married to Noor whereas Dilawaiz who is a status conscious mother wants Isbah to be her daughter-in-law. Babar is the younger sibling who is not given any importance and the parents are not paying much attention to him. Sundus is their daughter’s whose life got ruined with the bad choice of her father’s boy.

The journey of ‘Parvarish’ revolves around the struggle of all the three children of the family in their personal lives where they are facing hurdles because of the way they have been raised up. It’s not easy to cope up with the family where status is an important part and nothing else matters above it. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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