Upbringing the kid is all up to the mother and she is the foundation that a house is built on. ‘Parvarish’ is a story about a mother who is so involved in her social life and her social status that she is not able to give quality time to her children. Sundus, Rafay and Babar are siblings but they don’t have love in their relationship, they are just holding on to it because they are related to each other by blood  and no other reason.

Dilawaiz is not very happy with her husband neither with her kids; Noor got married to Rafay according to their father’s will that also Dilawaiz is against off. They both wanted Rafay to marry the girl of their choice but Rafay picked Noor as he likes her. Rafay is not very expressive about his feelings he gives Noor a tough time but yet deep inside he has a soft corner for her. Rafay is trying to protect her as much as he can so that she is not hurt by the mother-in-law.

Sundus is also not happy with her married life, her husband Rameez and mother-in-law gave her a hard time as well. Not to forget that Dilawaiz is against this marriage also, Sundus left her in laws and came back to the house and is not agreeing to go back, although Rameez is trying his best to bring Sundus back but the mother is not letting it happen.

It was Dilwaiz’s mistake of not paying attention to Sundus because unintentionally she diverted all her activities to her left hand which is not considered good. The mother-in-law kept taunting her for it and the poor soul couldn’t do anything about it. Watch ‘Paravrish’ every Tuesday at 9:00 pm to see what will happen next, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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