Muqabil has displayed a very different side, as Parisa has finally built her trust on Arman and is actually falling for him, Arman is a kind hearted and is madly in love with Parisa but just because whatever his father did to Parisa in her childhood was way resentful to him, So they moved to another separate house and started to live together away from the din and other complexities Parisa faced in her past, this made her move towards tranquility and she was getting back to life.

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Arman’s father bought lunch to their house on daily basis, which annoyed Parisa and Arman both, so one afternoon Parisa forbid her father in law to bring any food for them, however Arman was also less interested to meet his own father. Seemingly Arman was taking all the responsibility on his shoulder and moved ahead to take the things maturely for both of them. The couple seemed glad while doing grocery together , cooking together taking care of their house which was a healthy sign for everyone to see that Parisa is moving to live on her own.

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Will Arman be able to provide the luxuries to Parisa ?
Is Parisa really falling for Arman , knowing of the bitter past she had faced?
Will the bond be much stronger between Arman and Parisa to lead their life happily?

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