The previous episode of Muqabil was a complete masterpiece! No doubt that Parisa and Armaan’s wedding has brought a lot to the table, after all the arguments, countless problems and a burden of depression – it’s finally happened! Though Armaan had a condition that the wedding will be small, Parisa’s mother had other plans and invited the entire media to make this event a breaking news!  It’s true that Parisa didn’t want to Armaan or any other man, but this was her only chance to get out of it.

Though Parisa had intentions of not marrying anyone, her choice of Armaan was  just a plan that turned into a fiasco leading to her to tie the knot with him. Will she be able to live happily or will she part ways from her husband soon? A woman like her who’s  heavy on the pocket will certainly have a hard time dealing in a room with not even an air conditioner.

Moreover, Armaan’s father Mehmood failed after making a chaos on this marriage, he knew the sins he has committed with the girl of his daughter’s age will come and bite him. Parisa is now his daughter in law and the idea of her with Armaan definitely gives Mehmood the chills. How will Armaan and his family be able to pamper the new bride? If the truth is revealed – how will they all react?

The pre cap showed that Armaan is already aware of the bitter truth of his father’s actions. now what would that bring? What will happen wil Parisa’s family find out about what Mehmood did? Will he thrown behind bars? A man who has been an inspiration to his daughter committed sins that will make him a devil. The plot of Muqabil flaunts how twisted the situation of characters in this show is.

The thing that would add another cherry on top is going to be when Mehmood’s evil face is revealed in public and he meets his destiny. Watch Muqabil only on ARY Digital on Tuesdays at 8.00 pm.

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