Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8

One of the most popular TV shows ‘Bigg Boss’ has started again. People undoubtedly have been waiting for it since last nine months because the last season was a complete blockbuster. Not only last season, all the seven seasons have been sure shot entertainers. This season started off with airport and plane theme which did not prove to be quite thrilling. Seats looked very uncomfortable, even Salman looks disinterested and kind of tired this season.

I wonder what makes the channel bring him back every season as he declared last season that after all the mishaps, he won’t be coming back again. I think it’s only money that makes him come back again and again, at least channel can rope in another big star or may be big stars are frightened that they would be compared with Salman? Ah well!!! Am sure they can do much better.

Secret society is a new idea this season which had three contestants being the messengers/ assistants of Bigg Boss and governing over and controlling the contestants, giving tasks to the contestants and punishing those who did not abide by the rules and regulations. However, this society was soon dissolved when first Puneet Issar and then eventually Deepshikha Nagpal and Pritam Singh entered the house as proper contestants. Was it because of the failure of secret society idea or was it preplanned? Who knows! Bigg Boss declared Deepshikha Nagpal as the most capable secret society member which she surely was.

Contestants (yatris) initially seemed to be very boring but with three members of secret society coming in and Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati fight by the start of second week with the first proper task, looks like Bigg Boss’s true flavor of ugly spats is back. Interestingly, five contestants have mentioned Gauhar Khan as their favorite ex bigg boss contestant and Karishma Tanna fortunately or unfortunately is trying now her level best to be this seasons Gauhar Khan.

Bigg Boss 8

Unfortunately, she forgot two main aspects of trying and copying her. First, imitation is always imitation, cannot be real and secondly she should keep in mind how much Salman hated Gauhar. Moreover, Karishma till now has proven to be a bigger drama queen than Gauhar and that too for no valid reason. Gautam Gulati after abusing her (which was not shown on TV) apologized to her several times and hugged her quite a few times, but she is adamant that she wants proper punishment for him.

She was not even pleased when Bigg Boss announced that he would not be able to nominate anyone this week. She still kept on whining. What a drama queen really! What would she have done if she was in last season of Bigg Boss where Armaan Kohli abused each and every girl and that also so many times. No Karishma, you are definitely not Gauhar Khan and please don’t try to be one as people are rejecting you already.

On the other hand, though Gautam Gulathi is a big actor, drama king, attention seeker and footage artist (as said by Praneet ) as well, but this event has gained him more sympathy than Karishma for sure (as witnessed by me on social networks). Moreover, during the task, Karishma tortured Natasha a lot, which is going to increase Salman’s anger towards her as Natasha is Salman’s favorite this season (as Elli was last year) and she should get ready for a proper class this Saturday as Salman usually doesn’t mind girls being abused on the show (maybe because he himself is a real life girls abuser?!). I am saying that because last season, not even once he took proper class of Armaan Kohli though he has been the biggest abuser in Bigg Boss history. Maybe because he has family relations with him (which he denied on the show) or because he could relate to him in his deeds (just for readers’ information, Armaan Kohli is working in Salman Khan’s next movie with Sooraj Barjatya called ‘Ram Ratan Dhan Paayo’).


Karishma’s attitude towards other girls after the task has been quite disgusting as well as after winning the task; she instantly abandoned her close friend on the show Soni Singh with whom she was sharing a good bond and Soni also stood with her in this whole abuse drama. Pre-cap of next episode show’s how before entering the house, Karishma called Soni a maasi instead of thanking her for her whole hearted support during the task and her protest against Gautam.

So seems like Bigg Boss contestants are slowly gearing up and realizing that they are here for some drama and action and NOT for making friends, being positive and living as a family. The more negativity they spread, more likely for this season to become a success! Doesn’t not matter if Salman calls them as the most positive lot, this statement is not going to get them anywhere.

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