Chup Raho

Chup Raho

Families support each other as much as they can but no one is willing to support Rameen who has been a victim of her very own brother-in-law. ‘Chup Raho’ is a story about a young girl Rameen who has been raped by her own brother-in-law and none of her family members are supporting her. Numair is acting really smarty and is not letting anyone believe Rameen.

Numair got caught when we was torturing Rameen but he played it very well. He made up a story and showed Rameen to be at fault, he said that Rameen messaged from Mannal’s phone saying to come back home whereas all this was done by Numair. He hid the phone from Mannal and played this game to make Rameen feel bad about her existence. Rameen was out loud about the rape that happened but yet Numair didn’t let it affect him neither his marriage.

Although Mannal got angry and called her mother back to Karachi yet the mother was also not on Rameen’s side. But Numair was acting it all up and didn’t leave any room for doubt in Mannal’s heart. He is very smart and knows how to cover up his mistakes.The entire family including Aazhar and the rest everyone is against Rameen and is treating her as if she has a mental disorder. Rameen is very upset that her mother also didn’t take her side and she is helpless. Watch ‘Chup Raho’ every Tuesday at 8:00 pm and if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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