Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – a tale of a transgender child who is striving to achieve paramount goals and make his mother proud. Mahi who went against her husband and left him solely to raise her transgender child in this society that never agrees to provide them with equal rights is now content with her decision.

The previous episode of of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai was all about how Mahi finally revealed the truth to Noor about his gender and why do people mock him, Noor acting like a brave boy told his mother that he will make her proud as she accepted him and treated him as equal. Mahi left everything for Noor and now everything good awaits her.

On the other hand Zain married Kashmala but the couple has no child, now that’s what you call karma. Being unjust to Noor – Allah’s creation has caused Zain to be deprived of happiness. Do you think somewhere deep down Zain regrets his decision of marrying Kashmala? Everything seems coming up roses for Noor now. Mikael was there with him and his mother through all the thick and thin and now it’s about time the two actually tie the knot. Mahi needs to move on now, it’s been long enough.

Furthermore, Zahir and Sanam are now accepted by Arshi. After all these years they are welcomed in the family, will Mahi be welcomed someday too? Now that Noor is all grown up, he will achieve everything to make his mother proud. What’s more to come Noor’s way? Will he able to fight everything that tries to knock him down?

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