The nights are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping and laziness is hitting everyone, Winter tiredness is what we all suffer from at some point during winters. These winter blues lessens our productivity leaving us lethargic all day long. However we cannot ignore the perks of waking up early. Remember the childhood phase ‘Early bird catches the worm’.

There are a lot of ways to overcome this morning laziness , we have a few easy one’s for you:

No Stressful activities before sleeping:

We tend to involve ourselves in stressful activities like arguments on groups, engaging ourselves in Facebook timelines and much more. All these activities stimulate our mind causing restlessness and keeping your mind over-active which results in morning blues. Try indulging yourself in activities which calms and relaxes your mind before going to sleep like meditation, reading books etc.

Monitor your sleep time:

Maintaining a proper sleep schedule based on sufficient hours of quality sleep is very important. People often have issues where they oversleep, they sleep a lot but still feel lethargic and that’s because our body need a specific sleeping time i.e 6-8 hours however, sufficient sleep time varies from person to person.

Coffee is not the adequate solution:

Sipping a hot cup of coffee immediately after waking up is not the permanent solution to our laziness, Coffee might be a short-term solution but according to a research coffee can increase the level of depression in your body if taken in excessive amount.

Exercise keeps one healthy:

Exercising in the morning can keep you energized the whole day. Run, Jump ,dance whatever you like, just keep the cardio going and shed those extra kilos. Also drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Proper quantity of water is helpful for many issues.

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea:

Breakfast provides your mind and body with fuel after an overnight fast. It restores the glucose levels helping in improved memory , better concentration levels, improving your mood and loweing down stress levels. It also reduces obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

What do you do to fight your morning blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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