Haq Meher

Haq Meher

‘Haq Meher’ is a story about a couple who are madly in love with each other but the norms of the society don’t let them meet. Hira’s whole family is against the thought of them meeting before the marriage and this makes the young couple go restless. They have been hiding and meeting each other which highly made the family get uncomfortable.

The family members of Hira and Shariq are from the old school of thoughts while the children have matured. Discussion between the two families took place when the couple were caught meeting. The families thought of getting the nikkah done soon with the exchange of haq meher in order for the boy to complete his responsibility before marriage. Hira’s family is taking haq meher as an element of ego for them and they double the haq meher everytime a girl gets married in their family.

It started from 7 lacs doubling to 14 lacs and then 28 lacs for Hira’s haq meher in this whole dilemma Shariq is thinking from where to arrange the amount. Well with lots of discussion Shariq managed to pay off the haq meher in the form of gold and check.

Watch ‘Haq Meher’ every Friday at 7:00 PM to see what will happen next to this young couple. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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