The annual recognition for the outstanding achievement used to be presented as Nigar Awards in Pakistani cinema , The first Nigar Award ceremony was held in 1957 for Pakistani cinematic accomplishments. The most recent Nigar Award ceremony held in 2002 and was discontinued due to collapse of cinema industry. With the restoration of the reviving film industry the awards have taken its place as the advent of 47th Nigar Awards will make its history.


The Nigar Awards return after 12 years displays the stability of Pakistani cinema house and has diminish the upheaval it once spread all over. The nominations holds a good count of Ary Films creation such as Ho Mann Jahan , Janaan  and Dobara Phr Se.


Here are the nominations for the upcoming 47th Nigar Awards particularly for Ary Films nominees:

Best Film:

Ho Mann Jahan


Dobara Phr Se

Best Director:

Azfar Rizvi for Janaan 

Mehreen Jabbar for Dobara Phir Se 

Best Actress:

Mahira Khan in Ho Mann Jahaan 

Armeena Rana Khan in Janaan

Best Debut Director:

Asim Raza – Ho Mann Jahaan 

Best Supporting Actress:

Sanam Saeed in Dobara Phir Se 

Sonia Jahan in Ho Mann Jahaan  

Mishi Khan in Janaan 

Best Debut Actor :

Sheheryar Munawar in Ho Mann Jahaan 

Adeel Hussain in Ho Mann Jahaan

Best Screenplay:

Yasir Hussain for Lahore Se Aagey 

Best Story:

Fizza Ali Meerza – Actor In Law 

Asim Raza – Ho Mann Jahaan

Best Dialogue:

Yasir Hussain – Lahore Se Aagey

Best Music:

Zeb Bangash, Faakhir, Ehtesham Malik for Ho Mann Jahaan

Haniya Aslam & Justin Gray for Dobara Phir Se

Shiraz Uppal for Lahore Se Aagey

Best Lyricist:

‘Lar Gayan’ (Dobara Phir Se)

‘Baifikriyan’ (Lahore Se Aagey)

Best Lyricist:

Asrar – ‘Shakarwandan’ (Ho Mann Jahaan)

Best Singer Female:

Aima Baig – ‘Bai Fikriyan’ (Lahore Se Aagey)

Mai Dhai – ‘Sarak Sarak’ (Ho Mann Jahaan)

Zeb Bangash – ‘Dil Pagla’ (Ho Mann Jahaan)

Natasha Baig – ‘Jhoom Lay’ (Janaan)

Best Choreographer:

Nigah Hussain for Ho Mann Jahaan

Wahab Shah, Hasan Rizvi for Lahore Se Aagey 

James Koroni for Dobara Phir Sey

Faizan Ehbab for Janaan 

Best Cinematography:

Salman Razzaq Khan for Ho Mann Jahaan

Asrad Khan for Lahore Se Aagey

By giving a glance at the list of nomination the major contribution of Ary Films has been displayed and proudly presents them aswell.  The award ceremony will be held on March 16th 2017 in Karachi.


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