Dil Nahi Manta

Dil Nahi Manta

Parents are the first important people in one’s life and respecting their decisions is every child’s duty. When the mother and father both have different opinions the child is in a dilemma to choose one of the two. ‘Dil Nahi Manta’ is a story about a single child Huzaifa who has to choose as in he wants to marry the girl of the mother’s choice or the father’s choice. The father wants Huzaifa to marry Suhena while the mother wants him to marry Shanzay.

Huzaifa is silent in this chaotic situation but deep inside he is tensed, he cannot let down his parents and he is confused what to do. Both the parents have given their promise to their own sisters as their son will marry the respected girls but Huzaifa is not ready for the marriage. The father’s sisters are pressurizing him in a smart way so that Suhena gets married to Huzaifa and this is affecting the relationship between Huzaifa’s parents. They are continuously fighting and this is resulting to high blood pressure to the father which is risky for his life.

The paternal aunties are continuously plotting ways that the wife is out of the house and they get the relationship done but it is not happening. The mother is trying to show the reality but the father so blindly trusts his sisters that he is not ready to look into anything else. He even got a minor attack and is not talking to his wife.

Suhena is the evil one who sweetly let Shanzay know that she is marrying Huzaifa but it is not true. Huzaifa likes Shanzay but no one knows about it and Huzaifa is keeping it silent as he doesn’t want to break his father’s heart. Watch ‘Dil Nahi Manta’ every Saturday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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