The power of love can bring unbelievable wonders and happiness in people’s lives. Love can make one lose control and do as the heart says. Rumi falls in love with Rabia and he tries his best to make Rabia express her feelings towards him. He keeps following her, chasing her in the college and would also accept slaps from her in order to see her smile.  Love is always a way to make your lover feel special and Rumi is making all his efforts.

He would climb the wall to go and meet Rabia at her house and give her a rose even when she is not expressing her love properly. Rumi and Rabia are neighbors and Rumi’s mother invites Rabia’s entire family to come for Shumaila’s wedding occasions who is Rumi’s sister. Rabia is playing hard to get which is every girl’s dream for her lover to follow her. Rabia’s parents are going to Hajj so they won’t be able to attend Shumaila’s wedding but the rest of the family attends it.

Shehroz has proved himself to be a teenager when he absorbed himself to the role. He would dance in the middle of the road and smile to make a girl die for. Shumaila’s mother is much tensed for the dowry because the in-laws are asking for a car and then later one never knows they might even ask for a house. The whole episode will keep you engrossed when Rumi goes to Rabia’s place to meet her and the aunt saw them together which left a negative impact on the whole situation.

If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here. 

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