Brides are generally the source of keeping the family happy but Ayela who is the elder son’s wife is not letting the once-happy family have a peaceful life. ‘Daraar’ is the story of a family on the path of destroying itself from within. Ayela is not from a well off family who gets married to her own cousin who is very rich. Ayela’s mother and sister Aqsa are always taunting her on Ayela’s fortunate future and Ayela is not happy listening to their grieves.

Ayela is a victim of complexity and is not having a peace of mind hence she is taking it all out on her in-laws. She is manipulating Sohaib with engraving all negative thoughts in his mind against Tabish, Ainnie and their aunt. Yusra got engaged to Tabish and the entire family is excited about it, Sohaib told Ayela to start shopping for Yusra so she started with a negative plotting saying that Sohaib’s aunt might have saved some money and all. Ayela bought cheap clothes for Yusra and gave some money to her mum and sister for Aqsa’s dowry.

Aqsa is annoyed on the fact that Tabish is going to marry Yusra while Aqsa was in the hope of marrying him. Aqsa also wishes to marry a rich man who would fulfill her dreams but her expectations didn’t come true. Her mother is trying her best to find a boy for her but Aqsa is too heartbroken to think about anything else. Ayela is finding all possible ways to split this happy family she is filling Yusra’s heart with doubts. Ayela has made it her mission too break this family in all possible ways.

What do you think Ayela will do next? Is this fair to the family? If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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