The burden of crisis is only getting heavier for Sara as she faces new challenges that come her way, from the cheating husband to ailing son – her life just doesn’t get any better. Another news flash in Naimat was when Sara’s mother in law actually considers that it’s about time she gets married and moves on.

No matter what, Sara has her son Bilal who loves her to death and maybe that’s what keeps her going, she’s also getting better opportunities at her workplace which is another plus in her life. Marriage is nowhere on Sara’s to-do list. For now all she wants is for her son to get better.


In order to get the custody of Bilal, Sara leaves no stone unturned – but when the lawyer let’s her know that it’s best if her husband has the custody of Bilal as he can afford to take care of him. The lawyer talks some sense into Sara. This bitter truth hits her hard and she realizes that the lawyer is correct and she has to let her son go for the sake of his health.

Knowing that Sara is everyone’s favorite – really bothers Zara a lot, and she takes it out on Baber. The two have an argument over this issue and yet another problem comes into norice.

With all that’s been going on, do you think Sara will get the custody of Bilal? Zara and Baber’s relationship is on the verge of breaking, will it survive? Is Sara going to re marry? The suspense of Naimat keeps on getting better, so don’t miss out the next episode tonight at 8.00 PM only on ARY Digital.


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