Baber doesn’t misses a chance or an opportunity to make Sara feel low of herself, no matter how hard she tries her ex husband only causes her emotional and mental torment. Does that make any sense? If Bilal is Baber’s son, Sara is his mother too.

If Baber is being a pain for Sara he’s too being the source of hurt for Zara. She snoops around in his phone and comes across a picture with Sara and Bilal. Judging him – Zara feels extremely neglected and cheated. Well, Baber solely cares about his son and just makes efforts to keep him happy.

Little Bilal is aware of the fact that he might not survive the operations. Moreover Sara and Baber argue nonstop on how he’s avoiding her and giving his son some major priority. On the other hand Baber’s false accusations of Sara and Bilal’s doctor are endless. We all know that these two should be together but let’s see what the future holds for them.

After Baber and Sara find out that Bilal has suddenly gone into coma their entire world flips upside down and for them it’s no less than a fate worse than death. Will Bilal survive?

Furthermore, Baber’s mother returns from Hajj – the love of Bilal forces her to come earlier. Both Sara and Baber argue over the reason that Bilal’s unstable condition is all Sara’s fault. Is it?

Will Bilal live? Will Sara marry Dr.Asad? If Bilal dies, both of his parents will probably lose their minds. How is this entire situation going to affect Zara and Baber’s relationship?

To find out all the answers, don’t miss out on Naimat only Monday at 8.00 pm.




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