After the mishap Bilal faints and the doctor now tells Sara to take good care of herself as there are people at hospital to look after Bilal. The doctor also informs Baber that the reason Bilal fell sick was due to the carelessness of which Baber blames Zara. Naimat comes up with another episode which is an interesting one. Baber and Zara now argue due to Bilal, after all a father will always take a stand for his son right?

The fact that Bilal is getting sicker by every passing day is another concern of Sara, she knows that he’s unwell and of course her worry makes complete sense. The doctor now has decided that the surgery will take place next week and the chances of Bilal’s survival are slim.

Baber and Sara now blame Zara for Bilal’s condition as she was the one who missed all his medicines and was least concerned about his condition. However, Zara simply apologizes and stands guilty. Will Bilal survive the surgery?

Little Bilal only wanted to enjoy a life of a regular kid. Play, run, have enough chocolates, laugh out loud and do absolutely anything that would give him enough peace and happiness. Bilal can’t do any of those things as he is highly unwell. Sometimes life is unfair and we can’t explain why.

Now that Bilal is dangling between life and death, Baber’s entire attention has shifted to him and so he neglects Zara. On the other hand doctor Faisal wants to marry Sara and she’s well aware of it. Will the two get married? Will Bilal live? Do you think Zara and Haider are going to split?

To find out all the answers watch the next episode of Naimat only on ARY Digital on Monday at 8.oo pm.



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