Another excellent episode of Naimat aired last night, the fact that Bilal stole the diamond pendant really bothers Baber, but don’t you think that partially it’s his own fault? The negligence towards his own son probably lead to this awful turn of events.

Baber however saves his son by showing his stealthy skills, he places the diamond pendant back in Zara’s drawer – giving her the impression that she’s the bad guy. Clever no? Due to these countless quarrels the relationship between Zara and Baber are only increasing.

Moreover, Sara is constantly being labeled as ‘the doctors lady,’ people at work, or Baber – they all just harass Sara saying that she is having an affair with the doctor she’s working for. The society will not spare a chance to be a pain for others ever .The fact that the doctor really loves Sara might be her happy ending.

On the hand Bilal suddenly falls sick and begins to despise Sara as he assumes that she just doesn’t care about him at all! the poor ill child needs his mother but Sara has no options but to earn enough to give her son a bright future.

How will Bilal get over this hatred for his mother? Will Baber and Zara be able to save their marriage? Is Sara and the doctor actually going to get married? So many questions are left unanswered.

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