The topic that is hidden and the matter that is swept under the carpet is now becoming the talk everywhere as media is playing a major role in providing the awareness of child abuse and harassment. Similarly, ARY Digital presents the viewers with the drama serial “Muqabil” fantastically written by Zafar Mairaj and directed by Ali Hassan has made everyone stunned with this bold and daring serial.

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The episode 10th depicting a new turn as Parisa is trying to adjust with Armaan and is definitely confronting her fears by staying strong at her grounds which were jolted once when a man took her innocence away in a very young age that happens to be Armaan’s father , this was Parisa’s agony to put Armaan’s dad in a position that made him regret his act of deviousness every day. It killed him inside and was unable to make eye contact or confront his fallacy and he felt down day by day even infront of his daughter whom he is very protective, this act has also impacted not only Parisa but also her newly father-in-law which has completely put him in a situation where this repentance and disappointment from his own self is growing under his skin .

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On the other hand Armaan is trying to display his gesture of pure emotions and is trying to be in a contact with his wife to prove his love to her and is willing to build a defined married relationship between them, but Parisa is not in a suitable state and is locked inside her head with the unwanted past that has eroded her youth and a sense of confidence that was needed to live her life at the fullest. Parisa is angry and is on the edge of an extreme vengeance to settle the score between these two individuals.
– Will Parisa find her calm by knocking her father-in-law, who supposedly has a deceitful history?
– Will Armaan be able to tolerate the distant relationship of his newly married life?
– Is there any way out for Parisa from all the mess that has impacted her life and her personality as a whole?
– Is there a redemption from the sinful act that Armaan’s father has already committed?

Lets find out what happens next in another new and exciting episode on every Tuesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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