Ek Mohaabat Kay Baad

Ek Mohaabat Kay Baad

Mothers on earth are a glimpse of heaven and no one can replace that love. ‘Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad’ is a story about Rania and Ahmer who are happily married but Rania couldn’t conceive till a few years of the marriage. At the same time Ahmer got married to Jia with a kid Adnan. Many years after the marriage Rania gave birth to two kids, till then Ahmer sent Adnan abroad with his grandmother. The second marriage was kept a secret until the grandmother passed away Adnan was sent back to his father as there was no one left in the world for his shelter.

Ahmer had to face a lot of difficulties in hiding the truth from Rania as it would break his family, which eventually happened. Rania got hold of the pictures which had Jia and Ahmer together in it which left Rania shattered and in a questionable position. Ahmer tried to explain her but it was in any woman’s nature to be fully shattered and blown away. She left the house and told the kids to stay from Adnan also which resulted the family to be in a complete mess.

In all this Adnan met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital this made Rania realize that it wasn’t the child’s fault. It is very difficult to accept another woman’s child but Rania bought her soft corner forward and forgave Ahmer. Rania realized that whatever happens is for a reason and she accepted Adnan and they lived a happy life together.

One must never take out the grudge on the kids as it is not there fault. If you have missed any of the episode of ‘Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad’ watch them here.

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