The first episode of Moray Sayian begins with a girl named Zubaria who’s living with a lady she adores, she’s a very calm, quiet and well mannered girl who just wants to take good care of everyone. Ghaziyan who’s very near to Gul Bibi constantly looks for excuses to make conversations to Zubi.

On the other hand Ghaziyan is engaged to be married to Nimra who’s his cousin. Ghaziyan’s favorite aunt Gul Bibi’s place is where he meets Zaubaria but he keeps it a secret from his father as the two aren’t in good terms.

Nimra’s mother constantly tells her to never ever bring up Gul Bibi, her hatred for Gul Bibi is endless, on the other hand Ghaiyan’s love for her is immeasurable. She hates her ex sister in law.

The next episode will bring so much more that would interest you, will Ghaziyan confess his love to Zaubaria? Will Zubairia’s ignorance push him away? What exactly is the story of Gul Bibi and?

Find out more only on the next episode of Moray Saiyaan on ARY Digital o Tuesday at 8.00 pm.

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