The only pure emotion that bounds an individual to another is “Love”, the same is being depicted in this beautiful saga written by Rabia Razzaque and directed by Nadeem Siddiqui “Moray Sayiaan” . The play is about the strong emotions Ghaziyan & Zubairia shares and has committed to be by each other’s side for eternity. The episode has displayed the strong bond of Ghaziyan & Zubairia as Ghaziyan bought a new house for Zubairia and both of them has started to live on their own.


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It was a sweet and subtle episode that illustrates the two lovers in a calm state ,On the other hand Dr. Altamash and Dr. Farah has this uncertain relationship where Farah is extremely head over heels for Altamash but there was something stopping them both to get in a serious commitment. A beautiful scene of Zubairia can be seen when she gets worried for her husband to get back home and the intensity of her perplexity increased , however Ghaziyan did compensated of making her wife worried for him by presenting a necklace as a token of love.

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Zubairia’s bhabi is a nosy woman and keeps tabs on Zubairia’s life most of the time, she instigates her husband to compete with Ghaziyan and can be diplomatic to have good terms with him to become financially strong. Ghaziyan’s phupho Zakia is not over with the shock she had Ghaziyan & Zubairia’s nikkah as she always wanted her daughter to be wedded with Ghaziyan.

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Will Zubairia be able to confront the gruesome situation of the family ties?
Will Ghaziyan give security to Zubairia and fight with the entire family?
Has Dr. Altamash really felt something for Dr. Farah?

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