The next episode of Moray Saiyaan reveals some more. Zakia hates her ex husband Kabir as he tormented her beyond limits. Though it’s discussed that he should be there at Nimar’s wedding. Ghaziyan on the other hand who’s taken can’t hold himself back from flirting with Zubaria.

It’s like Zubaria has built a wall of arrogance around her and wouldn’t let Ghaziyan near her, while he opens up to her, she only pushes him away and be the cold one. On the other hand Ghaziyan has his mind set on marrying Zubaria, but with all the conflicts in his family with Gul Bibi how’s that even possible? He’s demanding something very unreasonable.

Morey Saiyyan has shows how Dr. Farah is a very dedicated doctor and always put her job before everything else. Her husband is alike and too is a doctor. We wonder what’s the role of these two in this entire show.

Why does Zubaria hate Ghaziyan so much? Though Ghaziyan was meant to marry Nimra – how will his family agree for him to tie the knot to Zubaria? Gul Bibi is hated by Zakia and Zubaria is her niece. What more is to be revealed?

Find out all the answers in the next episode of Moray Saiyaan only on ARY Digital on Tuesdays at 8.00 pm.


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