Everything in life depends on upbringing and a mother who is usually the foundation that a home is built upon. ‘Parvarish’ is a story about a mother who is the strongest member of the family but her act is making the children uncomfortable. She is bossing around and is not happy in any way; Ibrahim who is her husband wants their eldest son to marry Noor but Dilawaiz wants Rafay to marry Isbah.

In this whole confusion Rafay is being sandwiched between them, Ibrahim’s mother passed away so he made Rafay and Noor get married. This made Dilawaiz very angry and is not happy with her daughter-in-law. She deliberately changed her operation’s date so that the son’s function would get disturb and she succeeded. She changed her operation a day earlier and this worried the entire family. Noor is trying to create love with her mother-in-law but she is not letting it happen. Dilawaiz is making life difficult for Noor; Rafay is trying his best to keep Noor out of sight so that Noor is not hurt but still Dilawaiz is not mellowing down.

Dilawaiz is making ways to end this marriage because she wants Isbah to be her daughter-in-law. Isbah also came over to their house in order to take Dilawaiz’s care and to try to attract Rafay. Isbah is following Dilawaiz’s plan to make Noor wrong in front of everyone. Rafay is not confessing his love to Noor but he told his mother and this also was not in her favor. Rafay is protective about Noor but she is not listening to him, Rafay clearly instructed her not to be with Babar but still she didn’t listen.

This act of hers made Rafay angry and this make Dilawaiz happy. She is being a monster-in-law and this is going to make the house and the relationship get worse. On the other hand Sundus is facing difficulties with her husband Rameez and he is finding ways to get them together but Dilawaiz is not letting it happen either. She is not letting any relationship flourish and no one can understand her. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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