The phase of transition of ruins to one’s marriage brings immense hurt and pain, the same situation is being confronted by Maaz and Mishkaat as she is now at her mother’s house and wants Maaz to end the marriage, however a part of her still thinks about Maaz and unintentionally she is in love with him , but she is sacrificing her relationship for her mother. Mishkaat’s mother is a headstrong and ego centric woman she is possessive about Mishkaat and is cynical about her past with her ex-husband who abandoned her in early marriage. This is was greatest reason why Mishkaat’s mother opposed the marriage, Maaz on the other hand is desperately waiting for Mishkaat to get back to her  instead he received Khula documents from her side, So the petition for marriage annulment was filed whichmade everyone so disturbed, except Anna Ji and Maaz’s step mother because they both always wanted Mishkaat in ruins so that Maaz’s step mother cpuld exchange his hand in marriage proposal with her only daughter.

Aibak , Mishkaat’s ex-fiancé has started taking interest in her as he was fully aware of the situation and Mishkaat’s condition and the broken relationship with Maaz made him closer to her, though it was a rebound and in such condition sometimes we need someone to share the pain, so definitely Aibak was the shoulder to cry on for Mishkaat.

The tempo of the drama is pretty nice as one would not get bored with the dragged scenes , also the places that has been shot are nice and upto the match of required scenes. So over all good direction that grabs the attention of viewers.

Is Mishkaat taking a right decision of leaving Maaz?

Will Maaz ever give up on Miskaat that easily?

Will Aibak’s parents be agreed on his decision about Mishkaat?

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