Drama serial “Mere Humnawa” has finally ended leaving an influence as the state of affairs that has been projected are real life situations.  Ahmed has taken away his son from Zaib’s mother infact Zaib’s mother has herself handed over the child to him, the disappearance of Zaib’s son made her upset to the extreme after knowing the truth that her own mother handed over her child to her ex-husband.

Good to see some real  changes in Ahmed’s life as he finally realized the emptiness and the circumstances he confronted of his own deeds, Ahmed overheard the conversation of Naima and her mother of trapping him and ruin his marriage on purpose. It was the turning point when he regretted over his decision of leaving Zaib , resultantly he gave away his son to Zaib and told her that it was best for the child to stay with his mother and called her a responsible mother. Finally Ahmed surrendered and unchained Zaib forever.

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The dust settled down at last and it made everyone happy as if the lost pieces of puzzles finally fit. Zaib moved on with her life with her ex-fiancé the love of her life as they were meant to be together. What excatly the jist of the play is to realize your blessings and acknowledge the people in our lives , so endure with much respect then to consider them inferior.

Overall , the drama taught some real life lessons , however it could be much better with the sightings and scenes that has been displayed. The drama was based on 25 episodes  and Rahat Jabeen has wonderfully illustrated the plot of the serial.

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